Kicking the "t" Off "Can't"

Trench Sports - Heather McAlinn
Eleven years ago I was blessed with a daughter. The day she was born I realized my purpose in life. 
Like most parents, I gave my undivided attention to the baby. Up all night with feedings and changing diapers. Working during the day and barely keeping my eyes open haha! 
One day, I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror. I chuckled as I hadn’t really lost much baby weight. I was proud of my body and what I went through. No regrets! I referred to my stretch marks as tiger stripes! I had a positive attitude about my body. I was proud to be a Mom.
I noticed I wasn’t feeling my best. I felt extremely sluggish and really tired. My cholesterol was high and the doctor suggested I address this with diet and exercise before seeking medication. The doctor also recommended I lose a little weight as well. I weighed 170 lbs. when my daughter was born. Post baby, I was able to drop down to about 146 lbs. I really didn’t care about the number on the scale, I just wanted to feel healthy and have more energy to keep up with my growing daughter.
I contacted my friend Carol, who I played Tennis with at the time, and asked if she wanted to try kickboxing. Carol found a Groupon and we took a kickboxing class at a local karate studio together.
I took the 1 hour class, three times a week. It was very difficult at first since I wasn’t familiar with that kind of a workout. I came home sore but my instructor told me to get back in and work through the sore. It was my body building muscle. Can I really do this? I can’t! Half of success is showing up. I pushed through and continued classes 3 times a week.
I realized I had a lot of pent up anger and this was great for stress management. Jab cross to the guy who cut me off in traffic haha!
I also realized I needed to take care of myself first so I could be the best version of myself for everyone else.
Fast forward, three years later and I was addicted! Loved the classes, the instructor was great, and I was getting pretty good at roundhouse kicks. I got my cholesterol numbers down, felt more healthy, and lost 20 lbs. No turning back! Full speed ahead!
One day I got a call from my instructor. He asked if I wanted to learn how to instruct part-time and in return, I could take classes for free! I waited 0.2 seconds and answered "Yes! Please!"
I traveled to New York for instructor training. I began instructing and I sucked! I began to work on better voice inflection and slowly developed relationships with the clients.  I started to “hone the craft” and became successful! Clients began signing up for classes like crazy!  I received an Ambassador award in 2013 for an outward desire to help others!
I never thought I’d become a kickboxing instructor. I loved to help others achieve health and wellness goals. The best reward was seeing a client smile when they achieved a personal milestone.
Kickboxing has opened quite a few doors of opportunity for me. I became more involved in martial arts and began taking karate classes. I also got involved in endurance events including marathons and triathlons as my fitness level increased.  Never give up on your dreams. Never doubt yourself. You never know where life will take you. Always kick the "t" off "can’t", because you can!