Kacper Gorka

Trench Sports - Kacper Gorka

Born: Krakow, Poland
Age: 30 
Specialties: Obstacle Course Races (OCR's), Hiking, Trail Running, Yoga, Crossfit, Weightlifting, Kayaking
Level: Spartan Ambassador

My story...kinda: I saw a Facebook friend do a mud run a few years back and it definitely stood out to me. I wanted to attempt one but I was living an unhealthy lifestyle (alcoholic, very poor diet, lack of sleep due to partying, crazy ex gf with a toxic relationship, etc.) so all of this was a reason not to get off my ass and do something cool.

After I had a high blood pressure scare (doc said I had the blood pressure of a 40 year old) I got my mind in a better place and started researching diets and workouts. Back then the goal was to simply lose some weight. Many months later which consisted of P90X twice a week, MyFitnessPal with every meal and Insanity 5 to 6 days out of the week, I had dropped 50 lbs.

Trench Sports - Kacper Gorka

The diet got better, sleep improved greatly as well as my mood. I felt such a rush of energy every waking morning. I adapted a life of fitness and healthy eating which led me to gain enough self confidence to attempt and finish my first ever Spartan Race at Fenway Park in 2014. After that 'grueling' hour at the stadium, my obsession began to grow.

The following year I raced all over the states, ranging from Spartan Supers in Texas, to Spartan Sprints in Washington DC, to Spartan Beasts in Vermont. In 2015 I earned a Double Trifecta (2x Sprint, 2x Super, 2x Beast) and in 2016 moved up to earning a Triple Trifecta, raced a successful Ultra Beast (two beasts in a row in one day) a Hurricane Heat, and a HH12HR (12 hour Hurricane Heat.)

Trench Sports - Kacper Gorka

After a few races in 2017 which consisted of a bone chilling Winter Sprint in Cortland, NY and a fairly tough few courses that added together a few more medals to my spear medal holder, I decided that I was ready to attempt a second Ultra Beast.

This led me all the way to April 2018, what I consider my most successful weekend and accomplishment in my Spartan Race career. A completed Ultra on a saturday (31.97 miles) and a completed Beast (14.52 miles), which ultimately led me to qualify for the Iceland Ultra Spartan Race World Championships.

The thing that inspires me most is fighting and pushing away from who I was in the past. I know what it's like to feel like garbage morning to night because of a poor diet and basically poor life decisions. The urgency to never be in that spot again keeps me on my toes and strongly inclines me to get my ass into the gym to continue improving myself. Signing up for races also helps as it forces me to keep staying in shape so I can perform as best as I can.


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