How to Upload a .FIT File to Your Garmin

There are several different methods to getting a .FIT file onto your Garmin device.  Below are instructions on how to upload them using Garmin Connect and how to manually upload them from your computer.  We recommend trying both to see which brings you the most success. 

Uploading .FIT Files with Garmin Connect

  1. Connect device to computer using USB cable if that is where the file is saved
  2. Sign into Garmin Connect
  3. Select  in top right corner of page 
  4. Select Import Data
  5. Select Browse
  6. Locate and select activity file
  7. Select Import Data

Once the activities are uploaded, they can be viewed in Garmin Connect.

Note: Garmin Connect supports .FIT, .GPX, and .TCX files. For a GPX file to successfully upload to Garmin Connect, the file must include time information.

Uploading .FIT Files Manually

For Garmin Edge 500/10/20, 800/10/20, and 1000; Forerunner 920XT and other FR running watches, and Fenix3 (Windows/OSX)

  1. Plug in device via USB
  2. Open Garmin device folder
  3. Open NewFiles
  4. Copy your TrainingPeaks .FIT workouts file(s) into the NewFiles folder. Note: some devices may require you to place the file directly in the "Workouts" folder.
  5. Eject device
  6. You should see your workout under the workout under Training > Workouts> Workout Title.  If you don't see it immediately you may need to restart your device.

Note: If the workout does not load you may need to free memory by removing old workouts. In some cases you can only load one workout file at a time.  Hitting the Lap button will advance the workout to the next step.