About Us

Trench Strong

We are currently in the process of changing our name from Trench Sports to Trench Strong.  So if you see both names throughout the site, don't worry, we're still the same company.  We feel that Trench Strong is a name that is better suited to who we are and statement for what we stand for.

Trench Strong was established with the simple goal of enriching people's lives. Everyone dreams of excitement and conquering new goals.  It is with the sole purpose of helping people breakthrough their limits and reach their own personal greatness that Trench Strong was born.  

We are a company dedicated to providing you with high-quality training programs, techniques, motivation, inspiring stories, and more!

Everyone of us is passionate, not just about conquering our own personal goals, but helping others do the same.  Your success is our success.

Welcome to Trench Strong.