Top 5 Women's Surfing Winter Wetsuits for 2017

(Bianca Valenti charging Mavericks.  Photo: Dayla Soul

Surfing over the years I have been blessed and honored to share the waters with some truly talented women surfers.  I’m not talking about the little rinky-dink surf bunnies that do it because it’s trendy and to boost their numbers on Instagram.  I’m talking about hard charging females that will kick your ass in any condition and paddle away smiling.  For those women out there that tear it up year round, this selection is for you.


Trench Sports - Roxy Synchro Winter Wetsuit

Roxy 5/4/3mm Syncro Chest Zip Wetsuit

 Trench Sports - Roxy Synchro Winter Wetsuit for Women

Roxy is one of the few surf companies out there specially designed for women and that is one of the reasons why they are ranked high on our pick of winter wetsuits for women.  The Synchro uses Far Infrared technology to reflect your body heat back into the suit as part of the WarmFlight inner layer.  This advanced technology working for you on the inside of the wetsuit complemented by an outer layer that is packed with air cells F’N Light Neoprene to stop the chill from ever contacting your body.  These two work hand-and-hand to keep you nice and toasty so that you don’t miss a set when the temp drops.  Other features also include Thermal Smoothie on the back and chest panels to serve as both a water and wind repellent, triple glued and blind stitched seams reduce water entry, Liquid Flex Seal taped seams for comfort and zero leakage, Ecto-Flex kneepads to protect you and your board from getting dinged, and a chest zip entry system.


Suggested water temp: 49-55℉ / 9-13℃

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Trench Sports - Body Glove Topaz Winter Wetsuit


Trench Sports - Body Glove Topaz Winter Wetsuit

Body Glove has been known for decades for producing top quality wetsuits for all experience levels.  The Topaz has been the top of the line when it comes to women's wetsuits for years and here's why.  The Evo Flex exterior is light and flexible allowing you to stay maneuverable and warm.  Microbead sealant keeps the leaks out so the warmth stays in.  The Topaz is lined with a thermoplush fiber on the core and lower extremities for that extra layer of warmth to trap in the body heat where it is needed most.  The wetsuit itself is actually made up of very few panels.  Less panels means less seams, and less seams means less cold water seeping in.  Other features include a separate chest zip with horizontally opposed, overlapping, front and back neck entry.  As well as an integrated zip cover flap with locking snap closure to stop any flushing through the zipper.

Suggested water temp: 49-55℉ / 9-13℃

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Trench Sports - O'Neill Psycho Winter Wetsuit for Women


Trench Sports - O'Neill Psycho Winter Wetsuit for Women

O’Neill’s Psycho Tech winter wetsuit was one of our picks for the Men’s Winter Wetsuits of 2017 but the materials and technology behind it we feel are effective for both men and women.  With O’Neill’s exclusive Technobutter 3, maximum strength, hydrophobic, neoprene with featherlight ENVY foam rubber core will provide you with not only warmth and comfort but will keep you that way year after year.  The TB-Air Firewall is the most advanced neoprene available.  The Psycho keeps you watertight and stays ultra-flexible with Fluid Seam weld, 8mm silicone based urethane sealed exterior with a triple glued and blind stitched interior.  This wetsuit is built for long lasting durability.  

Suggested water temp: 49-55℉ / 9-13℃

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Trench Sports - Billabong Women's Winter Wetsuit


Trench Sports - Billabong Synergy Women's Winter Wetsuit

The Billabong Synergy women's wetsuit is 100% AX2 superflex neoprene, keeping it simple yet extremely effective.  Although it is made up of a much higher number of panels, which can lead to more flushing, Billabong guards against this by using GBS sealed seams, internal pressure bonded neo tape.  Synergy features chest and back zip entry systems, hollow yarn and wind resistant mesh on the chest and back panelling to keep you warm in and out of the water.

Suggested water temp: 49-55℉ / 9-13℃

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Trench Sports - Xcel Winter Wetsuit


Trench Sports - Xcel Infiniti Women's Winter Wetsuit

Xcel is one of my personal favorites when it comes to winter wetsuits.  Time and time again, year after year they maintain top notch quality and performance.  The Infiniti uses Thermo Dry Celliant (TDC) which is Xcel’s warmest wetsuit lining ever.  The TDC is used in the front and back torso keeping your core warm where it is most critical.  This works by actually recycling your body heat into infrared energy for maximum warmth and enhanced performance.  The lower body uses Quick Dry lining that is lightweight and naturally hydrophobic.  Quick Dry Lining is also made from recycled polyester fibers for an earth-friendlier final product.

Suggested water temp: 49-55℉ / 9-13℃

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The advancement of cold water technology for wetsuits keeps pushing the limits every year.  It is truly remarkable that we can go out and surf in the conditions that we do, not to mention accomplish it all while staying warm and performing when most people wouldn’t dream of stepping foot in the ocean.  I hope that you find some of the info above helpful and will keep you warmer and surfing longer.  Keep those boys on their toes, they can’t have all of the fun.

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