FCS vs. Futures Fins: Which is Best for You?

Trench Sports - FCS vs Futures

There are only two dominating forces when it comes to fin setup, FCS or Futures.  At the beginning of the century FCS was really it.  Infact, most board shapers still choose FCS over anything else.  But over the passed decade people Futures has been gaining ground and building quite a following.

Without question the leader in fin choice.  They have a huge range in style, type, material, shape, and setup.  But throughout the years whenever there has been damage to the fin, it tends to happen to the whole box, in turn damaging the board.  So instead of just replacing a fin, now you have the whole headache of board repair to deal with.

FCS's answer to this is the FCSII in which the fins are installed using a "keyless" system.  The fins no breakaway without damage to the board.  Another improvement is that the base of the fin sits flush to the board which improves water flow.

With an extremely loyal fan base, Futures has been gaining ground on FCS.  When Futures fins do take an impact, they usually will snap at the tab rather than damaging the whole board.  Simply remove the tabs and put a new fin and you're good to go.  Aside from breaking properly away from the board, Futures has a great blend of unique carbon and fiberglass layups for both speed and control.

As big as they are, FCS has never really been able to completely dominate the market in a way that would stop someone from nipping at their heals.  That's great news for Futures.  There seems to be no end in site as to who will be the king of fins.  I think overall that will be a great benefit to all of us.  The constant competition between these two titans forces the flow of ideas and new technologies to come to the forefront of wave riding.  If it weren't for battles like these, there would be no improvement and everything would stay the same.  So keep the war raging because in the end we are the ones who will reap all of the benefits.

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