Drones and Surfing, a Match Made in Heaven

With the increasing popularity and affordability of drones their impact on capturing some of lifes most exciting moments and accomplishments is unmistakable.  Footage that just a few short years ago was only able to be shot from a helicopter can now be taken by anyone with a few hundred bucks to spend on their own personal flying camera.

From Pipeline to Nazare to the groms heading out with their friends, everyday events can be filmed making the most normal, everyday sessions look like epic events taken with Hollywood size budgets.  Some as cheap as $250 and others now small enough to fit in your backpack have truly leveled the playing field for anyone to take the most incredible footage.

So are drones the next surf photographers?  Well, I think it's safe to say that they are the next "everything" photographers.  To pigeon-hold the capabilities of these things is unfair and everyday the boundaries and capabilities of these small crafts are pushed further and further.  This match made in heaven will continue to bring us new and exciting views like never before.

Check out some of the latest drone footage taken from Pipeline courtsey of Red Bull...


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