Belmar Pro Invitational Surf Contest

Trench Sports - Belmar Pro

If you are in the central jersey area in the beginning of September we highly recommend checking out the Belmar Pro. It is an event that we have gone to for many years and after 15 years they are still running strong.  Men and women from all over the country come to compete here and you can see some of the legends and some of the new and upcoming talent in the surf industry.  There is live music, food and we don't know if it is an annual gift from the surf gods or just relentless perfect timing on the side of the Belmar Pro organizers but there are waves year after year without fail.  

This is an event that we look forward to every year and it is like the grand finale to summer. It is a 3 day event, usually the first weekend after Labor Day.  Held in Belmar, NJ it is always a good time surrounded by great people.  Check out the results and some of the photos of this year's event.  

2017 Monster Energy Belmar Pro Invitational brought to you by Eastern Lines:

Monster Mens Pro Invitational/Open

1. Rob Kelly
2. Kevin Schulz


1. Simon Hetrick
2. Jake DeMatteo
3. Pat Parenty
4. Logan Kamen

PlayaBowls Womens

1. Cassidy McClain
2. Maria Barend
3. Jessica Kwiecinski
4. Casey Kwiecinski

SRH Legends

1. Charlie VanderLindhe
2. Scott Duerr
3. Joe Gillen
4. Jack Murphy


1. Randy Townsend
2. Brian Dalton
3. Dallas Tolson
4. Dean Randazzo


1. Tony Silvagni
2. Kevin Dewald
3. Chris Koerner
4. Jeff Byse


Trench Sports - Belmar Pro


Trench Sports - Belmar Pro


Trench Sports - Belmar Pro


Trench Sports - Belmar Pro


Trench Sports - Belmar Pro

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