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One of the greatest things about extreme sports is traveling.  Hands down, the adrenaline, the anticipation of the next exciting carve, drop… whatever… wouldn’t be possible without the environment that envelops us.  We are so lucky that we live in a time where we can travel to any corner of the earth without much more effort than a click of a button, and no one does this better than LUEX.  

LUEX, short for LineUp Explorers, was founded by Tim Heising back in 2007.  Heiding, still the Managing Director, spent his youth traveling the world surfing and skiing in some of the most premier locations on earth.  His dream was to make this possible for all and so LUEX was born.

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Heising founded a company that would meet the demands for both surf and snow adventurers in LUEX.  Just like most travel companies you can choose from hundreds of locations, but what sets LUEX apart is that they have expert consultants that will work with you to make sure your trip not only meets your demands, but is a perfect match for your skill level.

Surfers can choose from destinations including (but not limited to) Maldives, Indo, Portugal, Morocco, France and Costa Rica among many others spread throughout 5 continents.  Snow lovers can find themselves in fresh powder at the mountain tops of Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Canada and Norway.  Whether you are a traveling beginner, family, honeymooner, or want to experience getting dropped off on a mountain top via helicopter, LUEX has you covered.

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Their expert staff has been to every location so they have a very clear understanding of the logistical challenges presented in every environment so you don’t have to.

LUEX is the number one travel agency for surf and snow trips.  Their price match guarantee, travel insurance option, and safe bookings are all features of the LUEX experience.  Since they live on repeat business, outstanding service is top priority.  This is why we rank them as the best-of-the-best and we wish you many great adventures with them.

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Trench Sports - LUEX Surf and Snow Travel

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