Waves for Water: Making a Global Impact

An unbelievable company
with a truly remarkable reach.

Every once in a while an organization comes around that you just can't help but fall in love with.  For us its Waves for Water.  The concept behind this foundation is so simple, yet so important, and the best part is that it is unbelievably easy to become a part of.

Founded by Jon Rose, a professional surfer, in 2009, Waves for Water has one simple mission, “to get clean water to every person who needs it”.

Sounds simple enough, and in their eyes (and anyone who reads this) it really is.

Traveling the world as a professional surfer, Jon just wanted to do his part and leave the places that he visited a little better than the way he found them.

His first Waves for Water trip was to Haiti after the earthquake disaster in 2010, bringing water filters and teaming up with community leaders and organizers to distribute water filters in the areas that need it the most.  

Trench Sports - Waves for Water

Clean water is more important after a natural disaster then electricity.  There are countless diseases that can spread like wildfire without the very thing that most of us take for granted just by simply turning on our faucet.

Waves for Water didn’t stop there.  In fact it’s reach for a small organization without big funding and huge donor backing has been nothing less than extraordinary.  

In 6 years, Waves for Water has distributed over 150,000 water filtration systems in 27 countries which has impacted over 8 million people.  Not bad for a surfer.

Trench Sports - Waves for Water

Their reach is nothing short of astonishing.  From Nicaragua to Thailand, Indonesia, Haiti, Brazil, Liberia, Afghanistan, India, Mexico, Columbia, Japan, Nepel, Bosnia, and the list goes on and on...

Waves for Water in recent years has expanded their efforts to disaster relief, responding to every major global disaster, earthquake and tsunami.  This covers the tsunami disaster in Japan and Hurricane Sandy relief along the east coast.

From catching rainwater to portable water filters to digging a well, Jon and his team are able to apply the appropriate solution for the given need.  Waves for Water has the capability of impacting entire communities to simply providing a very basic necessity for a small orphanage.

Waves for Water is the first non-profit to team up with a US Military battalion in an active war zone, to help people in need along the Kunar River Afghanistan.

How have they been able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time??

Waves for Water launched a Courier Program.  An ingenious DIY (Do-It-Yourself) distribution network of travelers who carry the water filtration systems with them in their luggage, eliminating the overwhelming distribution challenges faced by many philanthropic organizations.

That is the key to their success and the ingenious vision of Jon Rose, to be light and mobile while being extremely effective.  One filter has the power to provide 170 gallons of clean drinking water per day, enough for 100 people, and over the filters lifetime when properly maintained 1 million gallons of clean drinking water.

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“Do what you love and help along the way.”  This philosophy that they have embodied is a real game changer.  Most people think of doing what you love and then doing some charity work on the side.  But they embody “follow your heart and plug purpose into your passion.”

Basically follow your dreams, travel and experience the most amazing places on earth, but help those in need as you go.

Trench Sports - Waves for Water

One of my favorite parts is their “Guerilla Humanitarianism”, which they describe as…

“A no nonsense, stripped down approach to determining the essentials needed to complete a task: you take matters into your own hands, bringing a solution directly to a problem, under the radar and around the red tape.”

With this approach, just about anyone is capable of reaching out and making a difference to to someone around the world.  Just one water filter can help hundreds of people.

The long term goal of Waves for Water is to be proactive, not reactive.  “There is no reason why anyone should die from a lack of clean water”.

One in six people in the world still do not have access to clean drinking water and that is a statistic that Waves for Water is looking to eliminate and solve within our lifetime.

We believe it is possible too.

Trench Sports - Waves for Water - Caribbean Hurricane Relief InitiativeThis month we have decided to join forces with Waves for Water and raise money for the Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative.  Click to contribute.


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