New OCR Ambassador: Kacper Gorka

Trench Sports - Kacper Gorka

We are always looking to expand our team of extraordinary people, the ones who go after it with all of their blood, sweat and tears.  Not for money or recognition, but just for the pure bliss some of us find in the suffering… the pain… the self-induced torcher of pushing the human body to the very limits of what we can endure.   That being said, we are proud to welcome Kacper Gorka to the Trench Sports family. 

Kacper is an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) fanatic.  After being inspired from a friends post on Facebook back in 2014, Kacper has undergone a physical and mental transformation by dropping 50lbs. and giving up toxic influences that came in the form of both bad relationships and alcohol.

He has since traveled all over the US competing in Spartan Races that have pushed the limits far beyond what most people are willing to endure in an entire lifetime.  Most notably, Kacper has recently qualifying for the Ultra Spartan Race World Championship in Iceland which will be held this December, a 24hr/100 mile race (2017 video below).
With a heart of gold and an infectious positive mindset, we couldn’t help but kidnap this one on to our team.  Kacper is the perfect candidate of everything we look for, that is why we are proud to make him our new Trench Sports OCR Ambassador.

Look for Kacper in future blog posts and instructional videos, sharing his knowledge and experience from the field to help give all of you the leading edge.

Click here to read Kacper Gorka’s full bio.

Trench Sports - Kacper Gorka

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