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Trench Sports - Thresher Tail Surf DesignsJeff Rall, owner of Thresher Tail Surf Designs, is both a pioneer and an innovator when it comes to board fabrication.  His custom made, hand crafted boards are truly one of a kind, tailor made to meet his clients needs and desires.  Being a lifelong surfer with over 40 years riding and spending most of his adult life as a carpenter, Jeff has combined his knowledge and experience in both areas to create something truly unique.  Never sacrificing quality and always staying true to his beliefs by using ecofriendly materials, Jeff is on the leading edge of board design.  

Trench Sports - Thresher Tail Surf Designs"This is where it all started from", said Jeff when I asked him why he began using wood instead of more popular foam and fiberglass materials.  "Every surfer is different. Every board has its unique reason for existing.  I might produce a dozen ideas before arriving at the perfect one for a project or client. It's a necessary part of the creative process and one that I take seriously." 

Jeff's designs don't stop with just custom SUP's and longboards, he is an endless creater of handmade surf decor and balance boards as well.

To learn more about Jeff's innovative designs, or to contact him about getting your own custom board, Jeff can be reached at...

phone: 609-290-3271
location: Lanoka Harbor, NJ



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