Waves for Water - Carribean Relief Initiative

Trench Sports - Waves for Water Caribbean Hurricane Relief InitiativeThis month Trench Sports has joined forces with Waves for Water to raise $1000 this month for those affected by the 2017 Hurricane Season in the Caribbean.  This money will provide water filters and clean drinking water to those in need.  Just one filter has the power to provide 1 million gallons of clean drinking water and can help thousands of people. 

There are countless water borne diseases that are easily preventable from the simple task of drinking clean water.  Something we take for granted every time we turn on the faucet.

Trench Sports - Waves for Water - Caribbean Hurricane Relief InitiativeWe ask for your generosity to dig down deep into your pockets and give whatever you can to those who have lost everything and struggling to get by.

Click here to help.

Trench Sports - Waves for Water

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